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Our community is growing since 2014 and we already came farer than we would have ever expected. We can’t wait for you to get on board and here is how…

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Join our community Group to meet a whole bunch of like minded, diverse and committed waste lovers. They are experts, social entrepreneurs and leaders in changing our world through collective actions, knowledge exchange and fruitful discussions.

Campaign Groups. You know about the big picture and you are likewise interested in a specific cause or topic? Please choose which topic you want to learn more about and we will provide you with food for thoughts and expertise. Wasteless Journeys or Archiwaste.

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Events are the best way to start and connect with the community. Check out our agenda to find the next event near you.

They are from all over the world, fun and committed to a more circular future with less waste! Join us on this journey!


MakeSense is a global community. We are almost sure that you will find an active MakeSense Chapter close to the place you call home.

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