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Be part of the change and become a Future of Waste ambassador

Are you passionate about circular economy, waste issues or event organization and sustainable tourism? Even better: are you likewise interested in all of this? Then you found the right place at the right time.

The Future of Waste team has designed different programs so that YOU can become an ambassador for Future of Waste or an expert in our campaign topics. We offer two types of interactive programs. The first one is to become an Ambassador for FOW while you will organize at least one event and you learn the basics of circular economy, waste management and the zero waste movement.

The second program we designed is aligned with our latest campaign “Wasteless Journeys”! We will give you our tools, methodologies and tips to skyrocket in this field of expertise. You will be familiar with the most important actors, projects, concepts and you enter a more professional sphere.


Apply for our 2 month Wasteless Journey action-learning online program to allow any organization in the event and tourism sectors to prevent, reduce or transform their waste.

If you want to follow practical and theoretical content each week on defining a better waste management in event and tourism establishments. But also learn by doing because you will put in practice what your learn by supporting an establishment of your city in their waste journey.


Zineb Mechieche
– Algeria –

Xavier Paez
– Quito –

– Makati Manila –

Prashant Singh
– Agra –

Michiko Nina
– Cebu City, Philippines –

Lucy Navas
– London –

Julie Metta
– Wan-Chai, Hong-Kong –

Mostafa Grado
– Riyadh –

Elisa Alonso
– Madrid –

Constanza Vannutelli
– Madrid –

Clara Pimont-Nogues
– Paris –

Alizée Dardonville
– Hong-Kong –

Aline Conté
– Mexico City –

Alice Rebondy
– London –

Alexandre Brunet
– Paris –

Rachel Billard
– Mainz –

Margaux Denys
– Brussels –

Amandine Lebrun
– Cotignac –

Nour El Moubarek Eltayeb
– Algiers –

Jana Harb
– Paris –

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