Tackling waste during Business Events:
they’re doing it!

How can business events organizators reduce their environmental impact by tackling the waste issue?
Let’s dive together into an inspiring world of very concrete examples that have already been tested and implemented by events organizations across the globe!

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Sirha (Lyon, France)

The Sirha is an international key event in the hotel and restaurant industry. It generates each year several tons of organic waste during its 5 days 140,000 m² of exhibition show. Well-aware of social responsibility challenges, the Sirha team (managed by GL Events) looked at how to set up a process for the recovery and reuse of this organic waste. They decided to use the services of the specialist and pioneer french association in events waste management: AREMACS.

After a successful first pilot experience during another (smaller) event, the Sirha Green 2018, GL events and AREMACS developed a pioneering approach to the 2019 edition of Sirha through a change of practices. In concrete terms: the main sources of bio-waste have been identified, then a process of sorting and collecting this waste has been set up involving all the stakeholders.

This innovative approach has borne fruit and made it possible to recover more than 3 tonnes of bio-waste: 88% of which was valorized by EcoValim (biogas, fuels, green electricity) and 12% recovered by Les Détrivores through local composting. This system complemented the 17 tonnes of eatable food products recovered and redistrubted to charities by the Banque Alimentaire du Rhône.

The lessons of this successful experience show that new responsible approaches are possible in events with a real partnership approach and a flawless voluntarism on the part of the organizer.” (read more in French)

Camille LEROY, Public Relations at GL EVENTS

ChangeNow Summit (Paris, France)

“When tackling the waste issue it’s essential to first keep in mind: how can we produce as little waste as possible? This involves first of all: be sober with the use of signage, decoration, and any installation in general, and to encourage rental. Secondly, we think about how we can be able to reuse as much as possible the waste still produced, and therefore be careful to not put date on signages for example (so we can use for next summit!). Finally, we look at recycle solutions working with efficient service providers.

With regard to the waste produced by others, the challenge is twofold: managing the summit participants’ waste, but also to raise awareness of the environmental cause. For example, by choosing our foodtrucks carefully, but also by communicating on the necessary commitments of each one!”

Marianne Josselin, Project Manager, ChangeNOW summit

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