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Wasteless Journeys

Wasteless Journeys is a global Future of Waste campaign launched by MakeSense and SUEZ, aiming to find, support and promote circular solutions in order to reduce the impact of waste in the event and tourism sector.

Key facts about tourism and the event industry

25% of tents is left behind after a spectacle and most tents are made out of plastic that needs 10.000 years to decomposecheck out how we can solve this problem.

17 million people are living in the Netherlands – 21 million festival visitors produce yearly 50.000 tons of waste alone in the Netherlands. What a powerful comparison!

Tourism is responsible for nearly one thenth of the world’s carbon emissions.

More and more tourist destinations fight with overcrowding. The impacts are severe and are contributing heavily to climate change.

Our Action Plan for 2018

8 subjects we are working on

Olympic games

Learn more

Low Waste Methodology for Events

MOOC for professionals about waste in Tourism and at Events

during our Bootcamp in Provence

26th May, 2018

A recap in pictures – worldwide SenseFiction Day about circular economy.

Our Database of actors in the field

Stay up to date about Events and our final Closing in December


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