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Methodologies & Formats

They are many ways to have an impact and create
new solutions with Future of Waste. Discover a few of
our methodologies and event formats.

All Future of Waste events are free and open to all waste passionate people. You can come as a participant, but also get trained to MakeSense methodologies to organise your own Future of Waste event where you live.

Creative workshop to build concrete solutions to the challenges social entrepreneurs face for their development, such as : how to design my crowdfunding campaign ? How to reach 5000 new beneficiaries ? and much more ! It is accessible to everyone and always free.

A SenseFiction will help you to create a concept out of an idea: gather a group of different people, support them, define the issue they want to tackle, and come up with a concept of a social startup. From 3 hours to 2 days, in groups of 4-5 people, the participants are guided by a facilitator to build their project.

We also organize more practical workshops where people can get their hands on waste ! Come and build your composter, recycle your plastics, upcycle your clothes, …  

If you want to gain a first insight and grow your network, come join our next SenseDrink.

We also organize conferences, debates, movie projections, visits, and much more, according to the needs of our community.

Interested in attending one of this events and workshops ? Check out our agenda !

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