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“Reducing  waste in tourism & events”

We selected ten contents relevant to learn more about the impact of the tourism sector on the world. Funny videos or online classes, whether you have time or not, whether you want light or more serious content, just discover our selection. Enjoy!

1. Learn through an online course by the University of Copenhagen

If you have 3 hours weekly for one month to get solid theoretical knowledge about waste management in tourism, follow this exhaustive overview of the social, environmental and economic aspects of tourism illustrated by concrete examples and interviews in Zanzibar.

2. Discover a report on tourism  for 2030 from World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) & United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

The report intends to work on the tourism contribution to the 17 sustainable development goals set by the United Nation and provides recommendations on how to take the road towards 2030 commitments, based on an analysis of 64 countries.

3. Global trends in spreading sustainable tourism

Impact Travel alliance lead a study with the  goal to mainstream sustainable tourism by sharing clear steps toward making attainable progress.

4. Let’s Trash the Beach

Two very funny videos to help people think about their behaviour on the beach:

5. The next travel is… don’t

Here are two articles to give you an insight on why and how local community react to mass tourism.  

First article : Why Travel? — A 21st Century Existential Crisis

Second article : The next trend in travel is don’t

6.  An extensive guide for Food waste in tourism

Discover challenges and key solutions for food waste in the tourism sector.

7. A tool for French restaurant or hotel

The objective of the CCI Business Optimizer tool is to provide an average assessment of environmental savings (water, energy, etc.) and financial savings linked to the implementation of good environmental practices and / or the change of equipment.

8. European Commision Best Environmental Management Practice

Tourists may generate up to twice as much solid waste per capita as local residents, so the European commission shared so best practices and data.

9. TedX: How to waste less on vacation

Sara Dolnicar is a social scientist and tourism researcher with a PhD in Business Administration, Marketing, and Tourism  from Vienna University of Economics and Business. Through her tourism research, Sara develops and tests ways to encourage tourists to waste less water, energy, and food

10. National geography gives us a snapshot of waste impact on oceans

These plastic bottles illustrate how humans discard a shocking amount of plastic waste into the environment.

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This article is part of our toolbox
“Reducing  waste in tourism & events”

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