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“Reducing  waste in tourism & events”

We selected for you not six, not seven but eight contents that will inspire and give you tips about the event sector, whether it is festivals, forums, concerts. Enjoy!

1. Listen to our podcast

For anyone who love listening to podcast while driving or cooking, those 10 podcast created by Janine from the Future of Waste team will guide you through the management, logistics and facilitation steps to create an almost zero footprint event. It was based on the experience of organizing a festival of 1500 that only generated 5 kg of waste

2. The TedX guide for sustainable events

We liked the Tedx guide to have a better environmental footprint since it provides hands on tools to take action and include other social and environmental actions ( hostings, transports, iring locally).

3. A focus on festivals

According to many professionals, the best guide to manage waste during festival is the one from Metabolic but since very few people read dutch we believe that this guide funded by the UE in Croatia is the second best option. 

4. Tutorials for French speakers

Watch those eight video tutorials on the challenges of event eco-responsibility.

5. Insights from Michigan University

Discover this concrete example of good practices for a better waste management event planning:

6. Ten ways to cut down on plastic waste

“There is no need for plastic water bottles at all, so ban them from your events.” says Olivia Gunn member services manager at the International Association of Professional Congress Organisers. Lots of useful tips. 

7. Let’s talk rubbish : a practical guide

They provided a fun, yet effective training program on the most practical way to deal with rubbish, recycling and composting at events.  

8) Glastonbury Festival Green policy

With over 100 000 festival-goer per edition, the Festival face tremendous amount of waste (15 000 bins around the site, recycling of over 85 tonnes of cans and plastic bottles and 162 tonnes of scrap metal. Their motto: “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”.

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This article is part of our toolbox
“Reducing  waste in tourism & events”

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