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Do you want to inspire your colleagues, your sister, your neighbors on circular economy topic and tell stories that make you want to engage?

Are you eager to interview this amazing entrepreneur in your city who created a start-up to valorize food waste?

Do you want to list the top of digital solutions that fight plastic waste?

In short, if you want to tell stories that make people want to engage concretely to solve the challenges of our society, you are in the right place!

The Future of Waste blog is:

Practical and inspiring content to encourage action.

The topic of waste and it can be avoided, sorted, collected, composted, upcycled or recycled to create new raw materials.

An international multi-stakeholder community to meet and develop concrete projects.

The manifest:

Relevant: the importance of offering concrete, precise and rigorous content.

Positive: introducing the issues but also of existing solutions and initiatives.

Proactive: propose action tracks for readers.

How to choose a topic:

A portrait of an entrepreneur, for example: My dream is an eco-town where you could live minimally

Top solutions: 5 innovative tech-based solutions to avoid food waste

Understanding an issue: How to tackle single-use plastic packaging in tourism and events?

How to help the reader to take concrete action:

Offer him several courses of action:

Go to an event / conference

Share the link to a crowdfunding campaign

Join a project or an association

If you are motivated to write an article you can join our online community and send a proposal to futureofwaste@makesense.org