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Rovalterre : A bio-waste collection project for professionals

” The idea is really to go back to an ancestral practice that is composting and thus reduce the size of our garbage cans. It is a shame to see these resources go into landfills or incinerators, while they could enrich soils “

When you say professionals, who are we talking about?

Restaurants, canteens, companies’s restaurants, but it can also be the florist, who has a lot of green waste, or the scoop and its unsold, or the simple company that generates coffee grounds.

What problem do you try to answer exactly? Why are you passionate about this problem?

We are three co-founders. We set up the project last February. Since June, we are in the experimental phase of collection. We collect from restaurateurs, companies, and primeurs. Kitchen preparation waste: coffee grounds, peelings, eggshells, tea bags, etc

We started on this issue because we are all three sensitive to the environmental. We used to compost, to reuse our biowaste in our garden, today we are surrounded by waste that we can value . Moreover, for us, this is not waste but rather resources!

The idea is to go back to an ancestral practice that is composting to reduce the size of our garbage cans, and to prevent these resources from going to landfills or incinerators when it could enrich soils . In addition to this, we also want to respond to the energy transition law, which requires that in 2025, all biowaste be composted / revalorized, as well as cardboard and paper

image courtesy of Rovalterre

So you offered this service to clients, professionals to help them in this transition.

Yes, it is offered to professionals because today we realize that some communities of municipalities offer citizens composters, for individuals, but offer nothing for professionals. We must also give a solution to valorize their waste. For the gathering, we spend two times a week at the restaurants and we take the waste to a composting site in Roman-sur-Isère.

Composting, do you do it yourself?

Yes, in the association, we have a person who is a composter guide and who is in the process of completing his master composter diploma. We do everything ourselves.

image courtesy of Rovalterre

What is the biggest challenge for the team right now, and how could we help you?

Today we are looking for partners. We are a young association, we realize that locally, the idea is very good, but we do not have the logistical means to come gather everything, and meet the demand of all our customers, especially because our trailers are not big enough, and we need to find volunteers.

The help we need today is to find partners to help us fund the project, or help us respond to calls for projects. The other need would be in terms of communication, in order to give more visibility to the project. Finally, we would need people to come pedaling with us, to gather.

What would be your dream for the start up within 5 years?

That the association can employ people. That we can create jobs with virtuous principles, that we can continue to open composting centers (we are in favor of small centers, of proximity). We are willing to reintroduce composting in the very heart of the city and demonstrate that it is not a practice of yesteryear.

Rovalterre is one of our participants in the Future of Waste entrepreneur bootcamp that will take place in September. Visit our site regularly to meet other entrepreneurs who will be present!

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