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The Future of Waste team was at the COP22 ! Violette tells us more about her experience in Morocco. 

What is the COP 22 ?

From the 7 to the 18 of November we attended the COP22 conference with the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and fighting climate change. This year Morocco was given a mandate, to take action and make last year’s Paris agreement happen.

But the COP was focused on wording. Indeed, the ins and outs of implementing each country’s National Determined Contributions (NDCs)remain vague. The conference prepared a framework for implementation and they agreed that they should decide on implementation rules of the Paris agreement only in 2018.

My feeling was that the civil society area had the responsibility to show that we could all take action to solve climate change. A good example was the Climate Open Zone (COZ) organized by Zéro Zbel, an environmental and open festival, where people from the neighboord, especially kids learned about : sustainable cities, social entrepreneurship, zero waste, renewable energies…

MakeSense at the COP22

Future of Waste is a mobilization dedicated to reducing waste and turning it into new resources. It has been launched with our active partner SUEZ (learn more here).

We had the chance to showcase some social entrepreneurs on Suez area : >Baby Lab and Top Planet from Côte D’Ivoire and Morocco : they are working with electronic waste to create Jerry ( computers out of waste), tables, clock, jwelleries…

>On Water Day, Surfrider Morocco talked about water pollution.

>A project from La Réunion, Can Heat provide low cost and low tech solar heated water panel

>Hold-up creativity workshop to solve the challenge of Aquaclean Morocco project sand filter to help accessing water spread the word about this solutions in rural areas ?

Hold-Up AquaClean

MakeSense Morocco

I met with the incredible team developing MakeSense in Casablanca Reda, Mass and Justine but also SMS, Medhi and Ayoub. Together we organized a SenseFiction at the Conference of Youth to show participants that they could take action and build their own social start-up.

The Casablanca team is launching MakeSense program in universities, join us at SenseMySchool if you want to learn more about it.

SenseFiction at the COY12


Time to take action

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