Wasteless journeys 

Wasteless Journeys is a global Future of Waste campaign launched by makesense and SUEZ, aiming to find, support and promote circular solutions in order to reduce the impact of waste in the event and tourism sector.

In 2018, we have been working together on a toolbox to reduce waste in the tourism and events industry. We are pleased to announce that the fruit of this work has reached maturity! 100% free and openly accessible to everyone, the toolbox aims to share concrete tips and examples to guide tourism companies (hotels, hostels, campsites, restaurants…) and events organizers (festivals, conferences, congresses, sport, cultural and artistic events…) to work at reducing and improving waste management. 

Facts on tourism and event industry


of tents are left behind after an event, and most tents are made of metals and plastic textiles, that needs over hundreds of years to decompose – check out how we can solve this problem.


Part of the tourism industry in the world’s carbon emissions.


it’s the size of the tourism industry in the gross domestic product

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