Tackling waste in tourism and events

“Without urgent action, global waste will increase by 70 percent on current levels by 2050.” – World Bank

of tourism and events organizations:

Business events
Cultural and artistic events
sport events
Prevent food waste
beverages waste
Wood and metal
paper waste
Electronic waste
Cigarettes and chewing-gums
toilet waste

Find useful ressources:

Solutions overview
waste containers
videos explaining waste
Examples of awareness material
Examples of bin design

Don’t know where to start ?
Follow our 10 steps methodology:

Step 1 Define a shared purpose
Step 2 - "conduct a waste audit"
Step 3 Understand local context
Step 4 - involve external stakeholders
Step 6 - Prioritize your actions
Step 6 - Build action plan with collective intelligence
Step 7 to lead change
Step 8 measure your impact
Step 9 - communicate
Step 10 - let's go further!

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