Organic waste

Organic waste is a global Future of Waste campaign launched in 2019 campaign by makesense and SUEZ. The campaign aims at gathering actors, sharing, and developing circular solutions in order to reduce the impact of biodegradable waste.

But, what are organic waste ?

Organic waste derived from living organisms such as plants or animals. There are many types of organic waste, such as industrial solid waste, agricultural waste, wastewaters, or municipal solid waste ! Yes, we all produce organic waste, at home, in the restaurants…  Including vegetables peeling, paper or yard waste.


Of all food produced in the world for human consumption never reached the consumer’s table

700 billions $

According to Boston Consulting Group, tackling food waste represents an investment opportunity, including job creation.


Only ¼ of bio waste in Europe is recovered to compost and digestate

88 millions tonnes

of food waste are generated annually in the European Union.

Almost 1/2

 Of the weight of French household garbage is composed of biodegradable waste (ADEME 2016)


Year when the separate collection of household’s bio-waste will  become mandatory in Europe.

How will we work ?

During the 2019 Organic Waste,  we want to work with citizens, circular entrepreneurs, bio-waste producers and experts, to collectively identify the sector’s drags and develop solutions to prevent, collect, compost, or energy recover bio-waste.

Our three goals :

  • Share  challenges, good practices and solutions.
    Gather various perspectives and actors around organic waste valorization.
    Reveal and develop create and develop collaborative projects and solutions.

Our action plan

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