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In 2014, Suez and MakeSense started a partnership to launch an innovative program to mobilize citizens on waste management, that would accelerate the transition toward a more circular, united and ecological economy. In spite of the diversity of actors and opinion inside the movement, we are mobilizing around a common vision and shared objectives.

Solutions that bring together

We want that in the future, waste be systematically avoided, sorted, collected, composted, upcycled or recycled to create new materials that generate social, economic and cultural wealth for all and preserve man health and their environments. The mission that we gave ourselves for this world is to give to anyone tools to discover and accelerate innovative initiatives of waste management and allow new initiatives to emerge. We create a long lasting dynamic community on this thematic gathering actors of society, citizens, entrepreneurs and makers

Every day, we put in place collaborative tools and creative methodologies to resolve challenges of social entrepreneurs that prevent, collect compost, reuse and recycle. We help them from the ideation and prototyping up to their deployment at a larger scale. We identify and share knowledge, contacts, feedbacks and opportunities. To privilege concrete actions that bring us together rather than critics that divide us, we work in a convivial way around solutions with high social and environmental impacts and we respect actors in their great diversity.

A creative workshop at Quito to solve the challenges of a new support to waste collectors.

Future of Waste is a program working on solutions, alternatives of reduction, reuse and valorisation of waste. Objective : create a dynamic community and connect “early stage” social entrepreneurs with other actors and citizens engaged to help them on their projects, from the concept to their operational implementation, through creativity methodologies and prototyping processes.

What are the roles of SUEZ and MakeSense ?

SUEZ and MakeSense are funders of the program Future of Waste.

SUEZ wants to contribute to the innovative dynamic in waste and the development of circular economy. SUEZ brings important financial support, necessary to animate and develop the community. Beyond financial support, SUEZ is an active partner by offering his macro point of view, a vision of the stakes at an industrial scale and his willingness to foster new collaborative solutions. The collaborators are mobilized on specific needs of entrepreneurs. This partnership also brings to all contributors an opening in new working methods, more agile and creative.

MakeSense allows the community to develop thanks to the network of volunteers ready to help social entrepreneurs in the advancement of their project. MakeSense works with big companies on different topics to grow impact of social entrepreneurs. This type of partnership allows to create relations between entrepreneurs and other actors of the market and to give them visibility, or even implement solutions.

Do we all share the same convictions within Future of Waste ?

Future of Waste is a program inside MakeSense that gather diverse projects and ideas on the challenges of waste recycling and valorisation. We do not agree on everything ! But all members of the community believe in the urgency of the resources revolution, and share the vision of a society where there is no more waste but reusable resources.

Members involved in Future of waste are engaged on thematics of prevention, reuse and recycling of materials. It’s the diffusion and acceleration of solutions for circular economy that this partnership and program want to support.

We gather teams of SUEZ, MakeSense, volunteers and partners every 6 month to define together objectives and action plan that matches the request of the community.