Written by violette

Do you know how many objects do you have at home that you no longer use?

I propose you to discover a marketplace of reuse objects. An alternative to buy more sustainable products and make you happy while respecting men and nature.

In this episode I tested for you, I propose The Label Emmaüs.


In this period of Black Friday and Christmas, it is important to remember the environmental impact of our consumption. Indeed, 7 out of 10 toys are no longer used eight months after being offered and often end up in the trash.

In the top of sales we also find clothes, yet a truck clothes is thrown every second.

In light of this, the label emmaüs offers a counter-model, a solidarity marketplace that enables 200 people to work and get trainings in online sales. This cooperative already brings together 80 stores from the Emmaus movement and other ESS partners (Réseau des Ressourceries, Croix Rouge Insertion, Artisans du Monde, Tissons la solidarité, Territoire Zero Chômeur, ENVIE…)

A solidarity marketplace: How does it work?

The site offers 700,000 second-hand or fair trade objects. Like, reconditioned and guaranteed smartphones, board games, clothes, used books, decoration …

On the e-shop, thanks to the categories and filters, I discovered the diversity of the products available on the site. The only difference ? In my search for a “traditional” site, I had the opportunity to choose the product status and the product’s original shop.

Also, my explorations on the Label Emmaus website were guided by cards and photos of each product.

Furthermore, the adoption of the online distribution model by the second-hand stakeholders suggests different perspectives.

What prospects for online reuse?

  • A strategic advantage for the actors of the ESS, with their territorial experience. This allows them, compared to only digital players, to connect digital and sales in physics.
    Offer an alternative for all in the face of changing consumption patterns and interest in second-hand shopping.
    Democratization of the consumption of second-hand products for people who do not know the ressourceries.
    Opportunity to create more synergy between re-employment actors.
    Job prospects for people in insertion on professions of the future.

To go further in the process of anti-waste and solidarity:
If you want to become a solidarity seller on Label Emmaus, it’s possible!
To learn more, webinars with the Label Emmaus team are available.

Violette Siméon