Written by Violette Simeon

Top 10 videos to dig deeper in the waste challenges

You want to have a better understanding of the key challenges and solutions available for a better waste management.

1. Understand the system

First, we want to understand the system – the way we think, create and sell. This is crucial to determine where we can best interfere. Let us lean back and learn from this oldie but goldie about how wrong-headed our economy can be…

2. The most frightening problems we face today are summarized in the Planetary Bounderies.

The framework was first introduced in 2009, when a group of 28 internationally renowned scientists identified and quantified the first set of nine planetary boundaries within which humanity can continue to develop and thrive for generations to come.
Crossing these boundaries could generate abrupt or irreversible environmental changes. Respecting the boundaries reduces the risks to human society of crossing these thresholds. Let’s listen to Mister Rockstrom to find out what these bounderies are all about…

3. Beyond the term “recycling” but have you heard about remanufacturing, refurbishing, reusing or maintaining?

We introduce you to the basic model explaining the circular economy: the butterfly diagram! We start with this overview and step by step we will internalize their meaning and discover how those terms can be put into practice.
And by the way. The butterfly diagram was made by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. One of the key actors in circular economy. Find out more about it.

4. What does it mean to avoid and reduce ?

In the meanwhile Zero Waste became a widespread term, have you ever thought of starting with this lifestyle, or to implement small changes in your daily life? The video of the “mother” of ZeroWaste Lauren Singer is full of wisdom, motivation and inspiration. Here you will learn what it is truly all about. Practice what you preach!

5. What about reuse ?

I promise you will love this video and this guy and this idea – wow so much to love in just one short video! Once again lean back and be inspired.

6. Maintenance 

Let us explore in depth what it means by discovering a practical example. Here we are watching a short video of a company you might know: FAIRPHONE. They produce phones that are easy to maintain over many years. Not only you can change the batteries but also if there is a new model of the camera, it is easily replaceable with the newest version. Either you do it yourself or the company provides you this service.

7. Recycling

These three very handsome guys from California make waste fun, sexy and gangsterish again.

8. Energy recovery

Why do and why don’t we burn trash? Julian from Seeker explains:

9. Waste Streams and Composition

Ever wondered what a waste stream is and how the total waste production is composed? This short video will help you to understand which terms we use in waste management and how the actors of our ecosystem are connected in sub streams.

10. Digging deeper into circular economy

To really achieve a sustainable planet, circular economy needs to be combined with OPENNESS. Lars explains us why in this video

“ It is about enabling ecosystem: u need to make sure that someone someday somewhere can repair it, reuse it, refurbish parts, or recycle it”

What is: + + + Open Source Circular Economy? + + + A video in english explaining Circular Economy and why it is in combination with Openness a promising pathway to a sustainable future on this planet. Find out more and search the web for Open Source Circular Economy.

Posted by Lars Zimmermann on Wednesday, April 11, 2018

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