Written by daniel

Are you interested in our good old planet ?

You reeeeally like it, and you want to act for it ?

But ACT is a big word… You don’t know what, how or the impact you will make. You feel alone and it’s not cool ?

In this episode of I tested for you, I offer you the application WAG : We act for good 

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WAG is an application based on the concept if everyone act a little, it will change everything.

But well, Here we are gain with the worf “act”. 

To bypass bypasser these brakes to action, the application will give you the possibilities to achieve challenges on the theme of your choices among those offered. 

The Challenges

The application account so far 8 differents themes et will offer you differents challenges in each theme.


You don’t know what to eat ? WAG offer you a Tabouleh of Quinoa or a lentil Salad !

The challenges ? Do everything Yourselff 🙂

The advantage ? No plactic waste. No food waste. Be proud of yourself !


Another exemple ? WHy not change the way you go to work today ?

There is any kind of challenge for everyone. Some harder than other, some faster to do but everyone can find somethinf he can do and have the feeling of having done someting. Of having act.

A community

The application equally want you to not feel alone, so it offer the possibilities to join differents communities in which you will be able to act and talk about subjects you really like.

You will also have the possibilities to participate in events linked with your community if wou would like to immerse yourself more and share with peoples who have the same idea as you.

Et for the ens, here is a simple video of how the application work 🙂

I did it and you ?