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Toolbox tackling waste in tourism and events

What are we talking about?

For the past 6 months we have been working together on a toolbox to reduce waste in the tourism and events industry. We are pleased to announce that the fruit of this work has reached maturity! 100% free and openly accessible to everyone, the toolbox aims to share concrete tips and examples to guide tourism companies (hotels, hostels, campsites, restaurants…) and events organizers (festivals, conferences, congresses, sport, cultural and artistic events…) to work at reducing and improving waste management. It is divided into four sections:

Anyone can also register for a free 3-month-online course.

Who is behind it?

The contents presented here have been instigated by makesense and SUEZ as part of the Future of waste program and its 2018 Wasteless Journeys campaign focusing on waste management in the tourism and event industries. The contents here presented have been written and collected by our community and partners in a collective effort to ease the circular transition in those sectors.

How can people contribute?

This toolbox is the fruit of a collective work. We’ll collect user feedback until 31th of March. It will then be translated into French in September 2019.

Press contact

Feel free to publish an article or share the toolbox link in your social media. Be sure to let us know by tagging @FutureofWaste or reaching out to us by email. We’ll add all articles’ links on our contributors page. and relay and share it on social media.

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In a few weeks, we’ll add this section, inserting your logo and article’s link, directly within the toolbox’s « About »  main page. And we also put a link in this post « List of online communities ».

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