The content of this toolbox has been instigated by makesense and SUEZ as part of the Future of waste program and its  2018 Wasteless Journeys campaign focusing on waste management in the tourism and event industries. The contents here presented have been written and collected by our community and partners in a collective effort to ease the circular transition in those sectors. 

Future of Waste is an open community of people curious or passionate about… the future of waste! It gathers citizens, entrepreneurs, innovators and organisations engaged to find, support or create projects and solutions to better prevent, manage and transform our waste.  

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As key drivers of development, the tourism and event sectors present major challenges in terms of prevention and waste management, linked in particular to attendance peaks and their temporality. SUEZ is involved on the subject to find and propose innovative waste solutions adapted to public and private actors, according to their specific needs.

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Tourism and events industries have become economic giants. We want to unlock potentials, provide support to all players and collectively solve the problems those sectors generate through collaboration, creativity, life-long learning and commitment. makesense mobilize empower people so that they can have a positive social and environmental impact by contributing to enforce better waste management.

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The contents of this toolkit dedicated to promote more circular practices in the sectors of events and tourism have been written by members of our community, partners and various professionals. All contributed according to their experiences and research. If you want to be part of it, you can suggest improvements or new article contacting us at

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