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Future of Waste is a MakeSense program dedicated to waste issues. Started in 2014 we aim at promoting good waste management in all sectors globally. To develop a stronger expertise and take the...

Article 29 mars 2016

Reinventing the way we build cities

It is little known that the buildings we live in are major contributors to pollution, global warming and natural resources squandering. We often think about households waste but often fail to consider...

Article 17 février 2016

La COP21 et bien plus si affinités

Le 14 janvier dernier près de 80 personnes se sont réunis au sensespace pour découvrir les solutions proposées par Future Of Waste pour lutter contre le changement climatique à travers une meilleure gestion des...

Article 28 janvier 2016

For a happy new year, help an environment Jedi

COP21 has just ended and we can celebrate that the world governments have agreed to curb the rise of temperature below 2°. Unfortunately the roadmap to reach such a goal...

Article 11 janvier 2016